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    Are you an Irish dancing maniac who can’t help dancing to any song on the radio? If so, this contest is for YOU!

    YOU can win a fully “blinged” Keltic Storm SOLO costume, custom designed for any male or female dancer!

    The dancer who has the most unique video will WIN A BRAND-NEW COSTUME!

    RULES: The contest closes is now closed for entries and voting- but you can still enjoy these great videos.

    For the rest of the Description, don't forget to outline the following points:

    1. Open to all dancers ages 7+

    2. When uploading to a video to YouTube or Vimeo - use the title #KelticStorm IDM Video Entry for your video.

    3. Dancers who have paid deposit with Keltic Storm are still able to participate and if chosen, will receive a refund of funds already paid.

    4. Your upload must contain the text #KELTICSTORM.

    5. All videos must be at least 30 secs but not more than 40 secs long.

    6. Videos that are not clear or legible will not be considered.

    7. A selection of videos may be shared by IDM and Keltic Storm via social media and other promotions. Not all videos will be shared or promoted.

    8. Limited to one video entry per person.

    9. Entries must be received by January 31st, 2017 for consideration.